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Moving / Unpacking


(in Montreal, Laval and the Surrounding Areas)

Planning to move? Moving soon? Already moved in? At Bien Rangé, we can help you to plan your move before you move, whether in Montreal, Laval or the surrounding areas. We can help you unpack your belongings, but even better, we can help you organize your packing, making the unpacking and the settling into your new home easier and faster than ever. Call us to take advantage of the following services :

  • Home to Home – For Packing before the move, Unpacking and Organizing after the move. 
  • Fresh Start – Unpacking and Organizing once already moved in
  • General Planning – For general packing, transportation, and storage
  • Customized Action Plans – Scheduling, packing, and labelling plans, etc.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting. With our help, you can get back to your normal life in no time!

Start off on the right foot, a fresh clean slate and a home for every single item you own. SAVE TIME. Enjoy a productive life, where everything is organized and uncomplicated.

"The team at Bien Rangé really rescued me from my moving nightmare. We called them up and they in a nutshell organized my move that made it go so smooth! Even the movers were impressed with how great it went! They even organized my new house from A to Z! I truly recommend Bien Rangé, no job is too small or big for them to handle! Thank you so much!"